VISA® Check (Debit) Card

Our VISA® Check (Debit) Card combines the economy of a checking account with the convenience and versatility of a credit card. The VISA® Check Card is accepted everywhere that VISA® Debit Cards are accepted and can be used to withdraw money at most ATMs. And, because it draws money from your checking account, there’s no annual fee and no interest charges (ATM charges may apply).

The VISA® Check (Debit) Card is available with our Basic Checking and Premium Checking accounts.

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Signature-Based Transactions

Due to an increase in fraud, you may be required at some merchants to select debit (PIN-based transaction) when making a purchase, as opposed to running it as a signature-based transaction. If you are at a merchant and your card is declined, try the transaction as a debit. While the security of the system is the same whether you use credit or debit, using the PIN provides an additional layer of security. The card can be replicated, but it’s difficult to obtain PIN information.

We are doing this in order to protect our members’ accounts from fraud. If you do not know your PIN, you will need to complete the transaction using a different payment method. We will be unable to make exceptions to this rule. If you need to have your card re-pinned, please stop in at any one of our branch locations.